Rare Fit is more than just a brand. It’s a movement. It's about invoking confidence in what makes each of us different and regaining our power in what once made us feel powerless.

By challenging societal standards and creating activewear designed to uplift, accentuate, and celebrate what makes each one of us unique, we believe that everyone should feel good in their skin no matter the occasion.

With sets made to bring comfort and versatility while offering timeless looks and sustainable fashion trends, our one-of-a-kind fabric formulas are designed to carry you wherever you go with effortless confidence in what it means to be a woman.

Together, we can redefine what it means to be beautiful and come together with all of our uniqueness, imperfections, and differences. Because there is only one of you. 

And in a world where women are constantly told to be anyone and anything but themselves, dare to be you.


That is rare.

The Rare Fit Team ❤️

January 14, 2022 — Salpi Thorossian