The New Summer 2022 SkyLoft Collection

The New Summer 2022 SkyLoft Collection

The beloved SkyLoft Collection is back and better than ever with three new colorways and three new styles that are simply to die for. With improved stitching, irresistible shades, and trendy designs, the New Summer 2022 SkyLoft Collection is sure to leave you feeling snatched, confident, and ready to take on whatever your day has in store for you. 

So if you’re ready to step into your main character moment, look no further than what’s about to come. Whether you’re getting in a quick workout, going on a hot girl walk, running errands, or grabbing a smoothie at the juice bar, the Summer 2022 SkyLoft Collection will have you in the spotlight with our buttery smooth fabric that hugs and lifts in all the right places for an ultra-flattering and put together look. 

Without further ado, here’s the rundown…

One Shoulder Sports Bra and Diamond Shorts in color Luna. Also available in colors Flirt and Carbon Black. Model is 5'2 and is wearing size XS top and bottom.

Who doesn’t love a good asymmetrical moment? We know we do! With our One Shoulder SportsBra, the world is your runway. With reinforced stitching, cutting edge fabric, and carefully crafted design, this summer go-to offers you a secure fit with minimum coverage and radiates confidence no matter how you style it. 

Paired perfectly with our all new Diamond Shorts, this duo is the ultimate activewear set for hot summer days. It’s time to get your sweat on and strut the world with your shoulders back and head held high. And with the perfect and subtlest scrunch on the Diamond Shorts and ultra flattering V-waistband, nothing will be standing in your way.

Diamond SportsBra and Diamond Leggings in shade Flirt. Also available in shades Luna and Carbon Black. Model is 5'2 and is wearing size XS top and bottom.

Next up is none other than our CEO’s favorite top from this collection, the Diamond SportsBra- our first ever full support sports bra. Designed to make you feel supported and hugged in all the right places, our Diamond SportsBra offers you full support with the perfect amount of coverage so you can go on with your day with a secure and reliable fit. 

Complete the look with our Diamond Leggings made with the same material you love and a whole new, waist cinching V-shaped waistline. These leggings are guaranteed to have you feeling your best even on those days where you’re just not feeling it- because let’s be honest, not every day is a good day, but with these leggings… they just might be. 

X Sports Top and Ambient Leggings in color Carbon Black. Also available in shades Flirt and Luna. Model is *insert height* and is wearing size *insert size*. 

Last but definitely not least, we have the cult favorite, the X Sports Top. This one has a special place in our hearts, and we’re sure it will in yours too. With an ultra-flattering scoop neckline in the front and a sexy criss-cross design in the back, this top is a must-have in your wardrobe. Don’t be fooled by the minimal back coverage, this top will literally morph to your shape for a secure and snug fit that will survive even the toughest of days. 

And who remembers the show stoppers from our last SkyLoft drop? Well, the Ambient Leggings got an upgrade of their own. You asked, and we delivered. The new and improved Ambient Leggings are better than ever! This basic staple has been redesigned for an uplifting and smooth look in the perfect shade of CarbonBlack. We know, we didn’t think they could get even better either…

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these new styles ASAP sis, because we promise this is not a drop you want to miss out on..

We’d love to see how you wear your RareFit, so make sure you tag us @r.arefit and show off your favs from this season! And who knows- you might even get featured on our feed! Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can stay up to date with all our latest announcements and sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with our blog posts! 

Until next time!


Creating Sustainable Shopping Habits

Creating Sustainable Shopping Habits

This one’s for our fashion girlies who struggle with wanting to dress up in cute outfits while also wanting to save the planet.

We get it. No one wants to give up one for the other. And you shouldn’t have to, either!

Yes, we want to save the planet.. It’s the only one we got! But what’s wrong with also wanting to look cute while doing it?

Absolutely nothing, babes. But what is wrong is the extent to which the fashion industry has become one of Earth’s biggest killers. 

With new clothing trends coming out weekly (almost daily even!), the rate at which the fashion industry is polluting our planet has reached an all time high. More specifically, it’s the rate at which fast-fashion has spread like wildfire that is posing a threat to our only home. 

The fast-fashion industry is a design, manufacturing, and marketing method focused on rapidly producing high volumes of cheap clothing. Stores like SHEIN are notorious for having trendy items for ridiculously low prices, but at what cost?

This rapid turnaround leaves little to no time for quality control, fair labor laws, and sustainable practices in the making of these trendy clothing pieces. 

And the worst part is that this has been going on for YEARS now.  Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 (just to name a few) are infamous for essentially founding the fast-fashion industry we’re used to today. The same industry that wastes 11 MILLION TONS of clothing per year, in the US alone. 

But all hope is not lost! With sustainability becoming a more popular practice among our generation, many brands have stepped up to fight fast-fashion with the newest trend in the fashion industry (which we can all get behind): slow-fashion!

Slow-fashion offers an alternative approach to fast-fashion by implementing mindful manufacturing, fair labor laws, natural and sustainable sourced fabrics, and long lasting garments that can be worn time and time again. 

And while slow-fashion does cost a little bit more, it is a foot in the right direction. Here’s our list of 5 shopping habits you can adopt to help save Mother Earth without compromising your personal style and looks:

1.Cleanse your wardrobe

Cleaning out your closet and only keeping the items you like, feel confident in, and can see yourself wearing in that moment will help you get rid of all that clutter and also have a look at which pieces of clothing you’re actually making use of.

This will make it easier for you to get dressed in the mornings since you won’t find yourself sifting through piles of clothes or simply overwhelmed by how much is in front of you. 

2.Explore your personal style

The biggest reason why fast-fashion has taken over the fashion industry is due to people dressing to follow trends instead of exploring their personal style. 

The problem with trends is that you often end up buying clothes just to fit in or keep up with what all the insta baddies are wearing. 

But what happens is that these pieces end up taking up space in your wardrobe, filling it with clutter, never to be worn again. Trust me, I’ve been there. 

I used to go into my closet, see all this clothing, and yet never have anything to wear because my closet was filled with trendy clothing that had run their course instead of clothing I actually like.

Cleansing your closet and only keeping items you can see yourself wearing at that very moment will help give you a blank slate to add clothing that fit your personal style to your wardrobe- and that you’ll actually wear.

3.Create a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is essentially a ~limited~ selection of timeless clothing that you can continuously mix and match with to create a variety of different looks. 

If you have trouble deciding what to wear in the morning, a capsule wardrobe is of great help. 

And no, it doesn’t mean you have to wear the same things over and over for the rest of your life! You can update your capsule wardrobe every season by switching out your statement pieces and storing away the ones you won’t be needing for a while. 

The key to building a capsule wardrobe is to look for functional, versatile, and timeless pieces that make you feel and look good, no matter what all these insta baddies are getting paid to promote. 

We have a more detailed article on what a capsule wardrobe is and how to build one here. 

4.Choose quality over quantity

While shopping at stores such as SHEIN can be very tempting due to the low prices and high variety of options, the real cost is not worth it. 

What happens is you end up with a mountain of clothing that’s not made to last. This leaves you in an endless cycle of ordering more and more clothes to replace the ones you wore once, maybe twice before they were no longer usable. 

Investing in high quality clothing makes it so that you end up with clothing you can wear time and time again without losing their essence. 

And sure, maybe you won’t have as much clothing as you would have if you bulk ordered from fast-fashion stores, but what you will have is high quality clothing that always look good and put-together no matter how many times you style them!

Remember, it’s not the clothing that make an outfit, it’s how you choose to style them!

5.Shop local

The reason why fashion brands move their production and manufacturing overseas is because third-world countries don’t have the same human and environmental laws and regulations that more developed countries such as the US have. This allows brands to cut back on costs, which is why local brands tend to be a little pricier. 

Shopping locally makes it so that you support fair labor practices, human rights, the use of sustainable and safe materials, and local family businesses! 

Sustainability is on our mind with every new collection we design and launch, and making clothing that feels good and that lasts is our utmost priority. From basics to statement pieces, RAREFIT™ has got you covered. 

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes have been all the rage lately and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

And it’s no surprise either! With more awareness regarding sustainability in the fashion industry, people are becoming more conscious of their shopping habits and how to minimize their carbon footprint in an effort to save the planet.

As fast-fashion continues to grow, it not only is ruining what we call “fashion” but it is also increasingly polluting the world due to it’s growing production rates. 

And while we can’t change the world by ourselves, what we can do is make a collective effort to adopt and consciously practice sustainability when it comes to buying clothes. 

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule is a collection of timeless pieces that don’t go out of style.

Typically, these would be the items you love to wear everyday and already have in your closet! The rest is what we call clutter and that is what we’ll be sorting through in the first step to creating your capsule wardrobe. 

The goal is to build a collection of high quality, versatile, and timeless pieces that you can mix and match to create look after look after look!

Why should you consider creating a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe allows you to create a variety of different outfits with a small collection of clothing. This practice helps you gain confidence in how you dress and look because it forces you to explore and deepen your personal style and to also be creative and try out different looks using the same items in your collection. 

Another reason why capsule wardrobes have gained so much popularity in recent years is because of how much easier they make it for you to choose what to wear in the mornings, relieving a great deal of stress from your morning routine!

And for those of you who are eco-conscious, a capsule wardrobe is a great way to practice sustainability as part of this practice is to invest in high quality, timeless pieces that last long, saving you loads of money in the long run. 

Not to mention, you’ll be building a wardrobe full of pieces that you genuinely love to wear!

How to create a capsule wardrobe:

1.Cleanse your wardrobe 

The first step to creating a capsule wardrobe is cleansing out your closet. 

Similar to any other cleanse, you want to start by emptying out your entire closet. The best way to do this is simply placing all items from your wardrobe onto your bed or another large surface where they all fit. 

Then, one by one, you want to go through every piece of clothing and consider the following questions:

  1. When was the last time you wore this item?
  2. Would you wear this item today or tomorrow?
  3. How do you feel when you’re wearing this item?

If you haven’t worn the item in a few months, or you don’t see yourself wearing it in the foreseeable future, or you don’t really feel empowered when you’re wearing this item, then you’re going to want to toss that piece away. 

If you have some items that you’re unsure of, go ahead and place it in a designated corner of your closet. If you don’t find yourself reaching for that item in the next three months, move that item over to your toss pile.

What you have left will be the baseline for your capsule wardrobe!

2.Study everything that you kept!

Now that you have sorted through your wardrobe, pick your favorite pieces and analyze why you like them. This will help you understand what your personal style is. 

Pay attention to what colors you love, what cut suits you the best, and what materials and fabrics you seem to prefer. This will act as your baseline when you go shopping and will help you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for when you do go shopping, saving you both time and money!

3.Plan out your capsule wardrobe

This is the part where you can have a little fun. 

When planning out your capsule wardrobe, there are a few things you want to take into consideration, starting with the weather.

Ideally, you’re going to have a capsule wardrobe for every season! Unless you live in a place like California where all the seasons sort of melt into one, you’re going to have different pieces for each season. For instance, if you live in a place where you experience all four seasons, you’re clearly not going to wear lighter, breezier items in the colder months! So start by considering the season you’re in and what you’d naturally be wearing during this specific time of year. 

Whatever is not suitable for this season, simply store away in the back of your closet or put away in a storage bin. You’ll dig those up later on when it’s their time to shine.

Another thing you want to take into consideration is your lifestyle! Someone who lives in the city and works a corporate job will have a different collection of pieces than someone who lives in a more rural part of town and lives a more “relaxed” lifestyle. Make sure you plan according to what you’ll be doing on your day to day.

You’ll also want to decide on a color scheme so that your clothing is easy to mix and match with! A good rule of thumb is to start with neutrals and add a few accent colors that match the overall aesthetic and can pair with anything to add a pop of color and make your look appear more polished.

4.Shop with intention

Now that you have your capsule wardrobe planned out, you can go ahead and make yourself  a list of the items that are missing from your wardrobe- but don’t run to the stores just yet! 

Try to make it work with what you have already, and when the time comes when you absolutely need an item to complete your look, go ahead and go shopping for that item. This technique will help you save your money and invest in pieces that you truly need and will in fact end up wearing. 

Now that you have your capsule wardrobe, you want to make sure that you don’t replace all that clutter with more clutter. RAREFIT™ offers a great range of sustainable, timeless, and high quality basics to help you feel and look your best no matter how you decide to wear them! And with our pledge to make our clothing sustainable, you can shop with your mind at ease. 

If you want to learn more about RAREFIT™ or you’re interested in more fashion tips & tricks, check out our blog page. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to send us requests on blog topics you’d like to see at We’ll be happy to hear from you <3
1 Top, 4 Occasions

1 Top, 4 Occasions

With capsule wardrobes being all the rage this year, we thought we should show you how to make the most out of your RARE FIT™ clothing.

In a world where everything's made to be disposable, your clothing shouldn’t be one of them! 

I mean, when was the last time you bought something that you wore more than once? Several studies have shown that most women wear their clothing just once because they don’t want to repeat an outfit on social media. 

And to make matters worse, the fashion industry itself is single handedly responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and 13 million tons of waste each year in the US. 

So, in an effort to promote sustainability in the world of athleisure, we’ve put together 4 different looks using 1 item from our XTREME™ Collection to show you how you can get the most out of your RARE FIT™ pieces. 

These 4 looks are perfect for when you’re looking for a sporty, casual, lounge, and night-out look without feeling like you’re repeating your outfits. 


Whether you pair it with our matching bottoms or you mix and match with pieces from our other collections, our XTREME top in Mauve is sure to elevate your athleisure wear. 

Designed to offer support without compromising looks, the XTREME top is a go to for when we’re feeling a little more spicy than usual.

2. Casual

Running errands? Catching up with friends? Pair our XTREME top with your favorite pair of jeans and accessories and you’re all set!

Designed with boldness and comfort in mind, this top features a zipper detail in the back, body shaping cut-out detailing in the front, and slinky stretch fabric that will support and lift in every movement, so you can go on with your day in comfort and style.

3. Lounge

For those days where all you want to do is lay around and munch on your favorite snacks, try pairing your Rare Fit™ XTREME top with your favorite sweats + sweater! 

Who said lounging can’t be a fashionable moment?

4. Going out

Going out but tired of wearing the same repeated basic outfits? Well if you’re feeling bold enough, dare to step out for your night out in our XTREME set.

With ultra-flattering cutouts in the chest and hip area, this set will make anyone feel like a bad b*tch. Dress it up with your favorite booties, grab your purse, and get ready to make heads turn in every room.

And there you have it! Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated- it can be as easy as styling one item in different ways. All it takes is stepping out of your comfort zone and thinking outside the box.

How do you guys like to style your Rare Fit™? Share your outfits and tag us at @r.arefit and use hashtag #DARE2BEYOU for a chance to get featured on our feed!


How Sizing Works

How Sizing Works

The most important thing about a piece of clothing is how it fits.

I mean what’s the point of wearing something that’s not the right size, or length, or fit?

Your clothing is supposed to make you feel empowered. It should hug your body, compliment your form, make you feel confident- not drag you down!

But the issue with fast-fashion is that the entire culture is built around looking a certain way and having a certain body type.

So let this serve as an opportunity to remind you (Lord knows I need to hear it every once in a while) to wear the clothes- don’t let them wear you

Because at the end of the day, all that matters is your happiness and how you feel on the inside. 

That’s why (shopaholic that I am) I keep my body measurements saved in my Notes app- so that I can always verify my true size for each item before getting it. 

And let me tell you, this little trick has saved me so much time and effort from never having to make returns again!

No more going to the post office, or dealing with customer service, or printing out shipping labels. 

Ever since I started doing this, I stopped caring about what size clothing item I was getting and my relationship with my personal style and clothing improved drastically-

Let's just say I'm no stranger to standing in front of a closet full of clothes that you don’t feel good in (it's the worst). 

And since our mission at RareFit™ is to help women feel their best and most confident, let me tell you how I order clothes that fit me perfectly every single time.


We heard your concerns, and made the changes necessary to best serve you 

As a growing passion project, we are committed to hearing your voices and meeting your needs. 

With our decision to move production to LA, we were not only able to practice sustainably, but  we are also able to follow a standard US sizing chart. 

This means that our sizes reflect the most average sizes in each sizing category for the United States. 

And with sizes ranging from XXS - XXL, we are proud to be able to make clothing fit for every body.

Because every body is beautiful, and size, no matter how big or small, does not determine worth and does not define your beauty.

So, here’s how to find your RareFit™ sizing 👇🏻

The most commonly used measurements for clothing are your bust, waist, and hip circumference measurements.

They match the three inflection points of the female body shape which are the curviest parts of the female form. 

The ratio between your bust, waist, and hips determines the overall shape that your body takes, and understanding the relationship between these three variables is key to dressing and sizing for your body. 

Two people with the same waist to hip ratio can appear dramatically different if their bust circumferences are different. And the same goes for each inflection point. 

To find your measurements, simply grab a measuring tape and measure around the fullest part of each inflection point (bust, waist, hips) while keeping the tape flat and pressed against the body. 

Finding Your Sizing For Tops

Your bust is the primary measurement used to select your sizing for tops. 

To measure your bust, hold the measuring tape at chest center and wrap around the fullest part of your bust. Make sure to keep the tape flat and pressed against the skin for the most accurate measurement. 

A larger size will provide a looser band fit for lighter support and a more casual feel. 

A smaller size will offer more support and a more tight and snug feel. It’s up to you to see which fit you prefer. 

Sizing For Bottoms

There are two inflection points for the lower portion of the female body: the waist and the hips. 

For the waist, you will measure around the narrowest portion of your trunk, typically located at belly button level. 

For measuring the hips, you will measure around the widest portion of your bum. 

Once you have your measurements, you can decide how you’d like to size your clothing to fit you as you please. Sizing down would offer tighter compression at the waist, while sizing up will offer a looser fit. 

Note- the inseam measures the length of the pants. A higher number suggests a longer fit. 

How To Locate Your Size 

Once you have your measurements at hand (I recommend saving them in your notes for easy access), all you have to do is refer to our Sizing Charts located on every product page so you can easily select your truest size. 

Now it's your turn!

Now that we’ve gone over how to find your perfect Rare Fit™ size, it’s your turn to grab that measuring tape and say goodbye to clothing that doesn’t leave you feeling empowered and confident.

Our mission is to have you feeling like your best self and setting the standard as such. 

Because there is only one of you, and that is your superpower. 

That is rare. 

Shop our newest collection and find your perfect fit!

The SkyLoft Collection

The SkyLoft Collection

Introducing our New SkyLoft Collection.


Rare Fit is more than just a brand. It’s a movement. It's about invoking confidence in what makes each of us different and regaining our power in what once made us feel powerless.

By challenging societal standards and creating activewear designed to uplift, accentuate, and celebrate what makes each one of us unique, we believe that everyone should feel good in their skin no matter the occasion.

With sets made to bring comfort and versatility while offering timeless looks and sustainable fashion trends, our one-of-a-kind fabric formulas are designed to carry you wherever you go with effortless confidence in what it means to be a woman.

Together, we can redefine what it means to be beautiful and come together with all of our uniqueness, imperfections, and differences. Because there is only one of you. 

And in a world where women are constantly told to be anyone and anything but themselves, dare to be you.


That is rare.

The Rare Fit Team ❤️